In order to support this Telegenetics Program Planning Toolkit, it is an expectation of our funder that we collect follow-up information about the people who utilize it. This information is also important to our ability to offer future resources and support for telegenetics. In registering for this Toolkit, the user agrees to collaborate directly with their Regional Genetics Network (RGN) and provide updates annually on their use of telegenetics. The exact data needed in the annual update will be specified by each individual RGN, but will minimally include:

a. The progress through the process of telegenetics program planning via online assessment

b. The number, types, and zip codes of originating and distant sites where telegenetics is used

c. The number of providers utilizing telegenetics at each distant site

d. The number of patients served by telegenetics, and whether they are medically underserved (according to their zip code, as classified by HRSA)